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Psychic Reading F.A.Q's & Hot Tip's

Quiet please sign Madam woo

Can I custom schedule a reading?

As the service doesn't operate like most Psychic phone lines with a team of Psychics on call, Mme. WooWoo works by appointment only and calls clients on their phone for the booked consultation.

Yes! If you want to arrange a specific time and date for a reading just send an email to us via our contact page for your special request.

What if you can't connect with me psychically?

In the rare case if the Psychic can not connect with you within the first five minutes you will be issued a full refund. 

I am a sceptic, can you prove that you are Psychic?

It is not the job for the Psychic to change your belief or convenience you even just a tiny bit. If you want to play test the Psychic this service is not for you and you can remain a doubting Thomas and call all Psychic's fraudsters. Moreover don't waste your money.

Can I ask the Psychic Medium questions?

Yeah sure you can. However you have paid good money for your reading and suggest that you allow the Psychic to do her work by telling you what she is picking up for you. Thereafter you can ask any during questions you may have. 

Can you give me the winning Lottery numbers?

Hell No! Do you not think I would keep it to myself? The market is already saturated with Psychic readings by phone  that will provide you with such things as Lotto numbers, spell casting, pet readings etc. If this is something you are looking for, please do not use any of the services on this site as it is not for you.  However, if you want to feel self empowered after having psychic readings online this is what Mme, WooWoo is all about. 

Do you need my Star sign and do I have to give you my real name?

No, The Psychic Medium Joyce  who works for Mme. Woowoo has over 26 years of professional experience and does not use Astrology as a tool for connection nor do you have to give your real name if you don't want to.

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China, Japan, Sinapore, India, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand. Bahrain, Indonesia

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All Psychic services by Mme. WooWoo (Madame are for entertainment purposes only.